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“ Hi! I am Xavière and I am working towards a world with inclusive and impactful experiences through social design and UX-design.”

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Crafting Inclusive and Impactful Experiences through Social Design and UX

Tulpie: Improving local x tourist interaction

I created an intervention to change behaviour

Keywords:     Interaction Design
Project:      Exploring Interactions
'Tulpie' is a 3D sticker with a friendly message warning tourists in Amsterdam to mind the traffic and the biking locals.The warning has been disguised in a kind message, making the tourist feel welcome yet alert.

‘Guide me through Amsterdam’ was a method for better understanding the context that locals are usually in. I asked the participants to fill out a booklet so that they would already think about the topic before the interviews. During a series of interviews I asked the participants to bring me to the most touristic places of the city and to tell me what happens on those spots.

One experience that stood out was one that frustrated local Ruby -amongst others- a lot: Tourists always walk on the bicycle lane. 

“So I try to ‘almost’ hit them [tourists], just to mess with them. Makes me feel like a true Amsterdammer.”

Tulpie is an intervention that improves the interation between cycling locals and tourists. It captures the warning in a kind message, leaving the tourist alerted with a nice feeling.