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“ Hi! I am Xavière and I am working towards a world with inclusive and impactful experiences through social design and UX-design.”

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Crafting Inclusive and Impactful Experiences through Social Design and UX

Biased AI in breast implant decision making

I speculated about a future with AI and its influence on healthcare.

Keywords:     Artificial Intelligence, Erasmus MC Hospital
Project:      Speculative design

The aim of this project was to iteratively design with Artificial intelligence. This project evolves around an AI integration for breast reconstructive surgery in collaboration with Erasmus MC (Medical Centre) in Rotterdam. 

This installation tests the role of AI in the process of exploring women's new breast size before breast reconstruction. It shows the consequences of what happens if AI and social media interact too much with your decision-making. Is an AI to be trusted to guide exploration and decision-making on women's aesthetics?